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Zepter Passport Travel Agency, founded in Banjaluka in 1999, is the member of large Zepter International family. Zepter Passport is able to provide its clients airline tickets, hotel accommodation reservation, business traveling inland and abroad, travel arrangements, excursions and theme trips, exhibitions in country and abroad, professional congress organization and all kind of services in our country - we emphasize that agency has special department dealing only with fly fishing tourism Zepter Passport Fly Fishing.

Aware of breath taking natural beauties and riches of Bosnia and Herzegovina in same mountain trout waters that lately provoke great interests all over the world among fly fishermen, we designed Zepter Passport Fly Fishing that represents Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the most interesting fly fishing destinations in the world. Our offer includes great number of programs adapted to different interests of our clients coming from all over the world.

It is our wish that our guests with unselfish help of our well experienced guide team and one excellent service at Bosnia and Herzegovina on our fly fishing rivers become part of one some completely new and unforgettable experience.