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Croatian rivers haven't been mentioned often in international fishing circles, except for the Gacka river. But lately many things have changed and much has been done to give the other rivers the same status as Gacka, if not a better one, in the area of fly fishing. This has been accomplished and it is certainly worthwhile to visit the Croatian Karst beauties such as Kupa, Kupica, Curak and Vitunjčica in which trout, grayling and Danube salmon can be caught.

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Curak springs under a high rock, from a spring called the Green Whirlpool (Zeleni vir) because of its color). Its whole flow (7km) runs through a beautiful wooded canyon. One part of the canyon is a special geomorphologic reserve called Vražji prolaz (Devil's Gorge/Devil's Pass), where there is also a cave called Muževa hiža (The Husband's House). The banks of the Curak stream are covered in dense forest and the stream is really very distinct. It contains graylings and brown trout. If you enjoy fishing on small streams, the Curak stream will be a real challenge and a memorable experience for you. By purchasing a daily license you can also fish on the rivers of Kupa and Kupica. Fishing with one fly fishing rod and one fly is allowed. Only barbless hooks are allowed. All fly fishing techniques are allowed.
* Fishing allowed: May 16 to November 15
* Fishing license fee: 150 HRK (20€).
* Fishing regime: Catch and release.

The river Kupa springs from a karstic well, which is located within Risnjak National Park, like the whole spring part of the river (7km). In its upper, salmonid part, Kupa is by its characteristics a typical spring-fed river. More than twenty rivulets and streams join Kupa in the first 30 kilometers of its flow, which causes a relatively stable water temperature and a mostly favorable water level during the whole fishing season. Kupa is a real mountain beauty of a greenish color. Its water is clear and crystal-clean. Kupa flows through a rocky bed in which moss and algae are predominant as far as underwater vegetation is concerned. There are brown trout, grayling and huchen (Danube salmon) in Kupa. Fishing is only allowed with one fly-rod and one artificial fly. Use of fishhook without counter barb is mandatory. All fly-fishing techniques are allowed as a method for fishing, except between April 1 and May 16 when only streamers are allowed.

Fishing areas: The whole part of the river Kupa which is maintained by Sport fishing club Goran, from the spot where river Čabranka joins river Kupa downstream to village Kavrani, is a single fishing area.
* Fishing allowed:
     Brown trout: 01. 04. - 30. 09.
     Grayling: 16. 05. - 15. 10.
     Danube salmon: 01. 10. - 15. 02.
* Daily license fee: 150 HRK (20€)
* Daily catch: 2 brown trouts (30 cm)
* Grayling - Catch and release
* Danube salmon - 1 fish a year (minimum 80 cm)

Kupica is a tributary to Kupa River and it is only 3 kilometers long. It is one of the first rivers in Croatia on which the "catch and release" principle has been fully implemented. Its banks covered with greenery and excellent fishing area lure for any passionate angler. You can find an abundance of grayling and brown trout in it. These are distinguished by remarkable toughness and strength, which makes such a catch a special fishing delight. It is allowed to fish with one fly-rod and one artificial fly. Use of fishhooks without counter barb is mandatory. All fly fishing techniques are allowed.
* Fishing allowed: 16. 05. - 15. 11
* Fishing license fee: 150 HRK (20€).
* By buying a daily license you can also fish on the rivers of Kupa and Ćurak.
* Fishing regime: Catch and release.

Gacka River is one of the most esteemed and most renowned trout waters in Europe and the world. It takes you an hour and a half to get there by car. Gacka is a gulf river which slightly winds down the Gacka valley plain from its spring in the southeast to the gulf in the northwest, across 11 km. By its characteristics Gacka is a typical chalk-stream. It is exceptionally rich in flora and fauna. The vegetation is abundant thanks to the favorable water temperature, convenient chemical structure, silty river bed, and moderate flow. Underwater vegetation grows throughout the year, but more intensively in the warm seasons. Twenty-five plant species have been identified, from algae and bryophytes to woody plants. When the fish species are concerned, Gacka is famous worldwide for its brown trout. Except brown and rainbow trout, there is also grayling in Gacka, as well as some other fish species. Brown trout in Gacka grows five times faster then in other karstic rivers, owing particularly to the optimal water temperature with only minor oscillations, plenty of oxygen and the water's mildly alkaline chemical structure. The secret of Gacka lies in the rest of the fauna it abounds in. We know of 17 water animal communities, i.e. organisms spread throughout the river's entire course, constituting the basic nourishment for the brown trout to which it owes its unusually rapid growth.

Fishing areas:
A/ From the spring of Gacka to Stanišić Bridge (the fifth concrete bridge) fishing is allowed only with an artificial fly. From the bridge named Podgora (the first bridge) upstream to the mouth of Sinačka pučina in the river Gacka, it is allowed to fish only under the catch and release principle.
B/ From Stanišić Bridge (the fifth concrete bridge) downstream fishing is allowed with an artificial fly and all other artificial baits.
C/ On the lakes Švica and Gusić you can also fish with natural baits, keeping the fishing measures in mind.

* Fishing season: 01.03 - 31.10.
* Fishing measures:
           Brown trout - 50 cm
           Rainbow trout - 40 cm
           Grayling - 45 cm
* Daily ticket: 250 HRK (35 €)
* Weekend ticket: 700 HRK (95 €)

Vitunjčica is a small river springing underneath the mountain of Klek and flowing into Dobra after 4 km. Its whole course is in a beautiful natural environment consisting of meadows, fields and forests, all dominated by Klek, the cradle of Croatian mountain-climbing.The water abounds in brown and rainbow trout, as well as golden trout, and in the lower part near the delta there is also grayling. Fishing is only allowed with one fly-rod and one artificial fly, streamers not allowed. Use of fishhook without counter barb is mandatory.
* Fishing allowed: 01. 03 - 30. 09
* Fishing license fee: 150 HRK (20€ ).
* Fishing regime: Catch and release.