July and August

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  • This is the period when the water level is somewhat lower and when the whole underwater world of flies simply explodes. Warm and calm weather is followed by the temperatures of 30-35 degrees, while the water temperature still remains quite low – from 6 to 8 degrees. The fish have on their menu a variety of versatile types and subtypes of insects and, due to this, they also become more selective.

    For a good and successful fishing with dry fly, your tippet must not exceed the thickness of 0,10 mm. Similar to this is the fishing with nymph where the recommended tippet thickness is up to 0,12 mm. The reason for this is in the very water which is somewhat lower, absolutely transparent and the fish are wild and selective. The moving on such water should be as slow and quiet as possible and the fish should be caught on further distances. This is also the time when the fishing is performed exclusively with small flies on the hooks of 16 - 22.