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  • You are coming to the water in the period when it could be expected still snowy waters, since the snow from the adjacent mountains has not melted yet. This is one of the reasons which prevent us to determine with certainty the exact period when certain insect types come out and spawn, since the Ph value of the water varies. However, we know for sure that this is the period when fish are coming out of the long and cold winter and spawning and the search for food is more intensive. This is the right time for bigger flies from the families of stone flies, cadiss and Mayflies. The outer temperature in May is within the average range of 15 – 24 Celsius degrees and in June, it is a bit higher – from 20 to 28 Celsius degrees. The water temperature still remains on the average of 5 – 7 degrees. Sporadically, there are still present Mayflies that the fish cannot resist. This is the period when rainfalls can still be expected and the decrease of the outer temperature may be down to 4-6 degrees. This is rather an exception than a rule, yet is should be kept in mind.

    On the Western Bosnian waters, it is common for the rivers to be crystal clear and fishing on these waters requires good and high quality leaders and tippets. It is common for fishing with dry flies to use the 9 - 10 ft leader + 1,5 - 2,0 m long tippet, with thickness of 0,10 mm - 0,14 mm. However, if you apply the fishing technique with nymph, it is a bit different. The leader is still 9 - 10 ft, but the tippet length should be somewhat over 2,5 - 3,0 m. Connection or the knot between the leader and the tippet may be classical or with use of a small micro ring. Before going to the water, you can visit several mini fly shops and buy the flies to complete your collection as well as other flyfishing materials or things you need. The waters are cold and, very rarely, even in the warmest months, the temperature reaches over +8 degrees. Thus it is good to have, along with your waders, a good quality underwear, usually polartec 200-500. If you do this, your moving and standing in cold water will be more efficient.