September and October

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  • This is maybe the most ideal time, the very period for flyfishing. There aren't high oscillations in the water level and the fish are fed intensively in all water levels. The mornings may be fresher, but that makes them ideal for fishing with nymph. Daily temperatures reach even 30 Celsius degrees and these sudden changes incite both flies and fish to the activities on the waterbed, as well as on the surface. The waters are still cold with the average temperature of 5 - 7 degrees C, and the outer temperature average of 15 - 25 stepeni C. The small-diameter tippets of 0,10 - 0,11 mm should still be a preferential choice.

    All the rivers we recommend to our clients are spring waters, cold, clean, and rich with oxygen, and inhabited by wild fish in good condition. The rods we recommend for fishing on these rivers should be between class 3 to class 5 with midflex action, rather than the longer and stronger ones. This way, you will be able to feel a complete pleasure and enjoy the fighting with grayling and trout. Make sure you have a net with you, since it is required on all flyfishing destinations. Should you forget something of the above, it will not be a problem – our guides will be there for you and at your service.