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Danube  Salmon ( Hucho hucho Linnaeus 1758 ) is one of most beautiful and most powerful species of fish of the Danube drainage.

This fish of remarkable strength and fascinating beauty, shaped like torpedo, lives in depths and rapids of rivers Una, Sana, Vrbas and, in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Drina. She is predator, which always puts to test even the most experienced fishermen, and you can always hear a new incredible story about her strength, cunning and fighting.

During day she hides in deeper and more peaceful parts of river, often under rocks on river bottom, and rises in early evening or early morning, when she goes after food.

Often follows white fish ( chub / Leuciscus cephalus/, barbell / Barbus barbus/, nase / Chondrostoma nasus/, Danubian roach/ Rutilus pigus/ ), although she will attack grayling and brown trout also. She’s reacting on changes in water level, and these are moments when this fish takes food during daylight. She mainly hunts from ambush, intercepting her pray. Superior and fast like arrow, with strong grip of her jaws in big, mighty head, she unmistakably catches and kills her pray.

Places where she hunts and places where she spends time can be from 100 to 200 meters apart. Danube salmon hunts mainly on places between rocks and on places where shallow and deep end of the river meets. Fishing for Danube salmon often requires great experience, knowledge and persistence whether it’s spin fishing or fly fishing.

On Una river best locations for Danube salmon fishing are next to city Bosanska Krupa, 4-5 kilometers long, where is also fishing area for Danube salmon. Fishing is often from boat, using one or two hand rods and streamers mimicking chub, brown trout or grayling about 20 cm long, fly line typ fast sink, aftma 7, 8, 9 and tippet 0,35 - 0,40 mm.

This part of the Una River hides significant population of Danube salmon weight from 2 to 10 kg. Fishing season starts on June 1st, ends on January 31st , and it’s “catch and release” regime.
Fishing for this most challenging fish, staying on one and only, beautiful Una River, will last in your memory forever.