River Krusnica

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Location: northwest area of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: area of Bosanska Krupa
Characteristics: mountain river, 20 m wide, average 1-4 m deep

Another representative of absolutely clean mountain rivers, with emerald green drinkable water and spring that can not be compared with any in region. Enormous capacity, with 120 m deep water at the spring makes this beauty unseen.
The river itself is 6,5 km, with fly fishing area of 3 km. Temperature of water at spring is 8-9ْ c, up to 12-13ْ c at the conclusion to river Una.
This area offers the best conditions for fly fishing using dry fly and nymphs, but streamers are forbidden.
Krusnica River is rich in grayling and brown trout. Many of grayling caught were about 40 cm long, while for brown trout you can expect specimens up to 5 kg.
Krusnica is one of few rivers on which fly fishing season lasts from May to November.