River Neretva

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Location: southwest region of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: 1227 m above sea level, Jabuka Mountain
Characteristics: mountain river, 20-30 m wide, average 1-5 m deep

Neretva River is the richest water tributary to the Adriatic Sea, and with its length of 230 km makes one of the most beautiful fly fishing valleys in the world. Clean and drinkable water hides in its deeps an endemic specimen of fish—softmouth trout, lat. Salmo obtusirostris, which makes Neretva River unique in the world.
There are also rich population of grayling, brown trout and marble trout  lat. Salmo marmoratus cuvier 1817.
Neretva River together with its many tributaries makes the strongest erosion system at Balkan Peninsula, and its continues carving soil intensively.
Fly fishing area is 4 km long, located in Glavaticevo only 30 minute drive from M-17 road and some 80 minute drive from Sarajevo Airport. Area is surrounded with 7 mountain tops over 2000 m above sea level with influence of both Mediterranean and continental climate. Neretva River springs are on west side of Cemerno pass and south side of Zelengora mountain. Amassing area offers the best conditions for fly fishing using dry fly, nymphs and streamers.