River Pliva

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Location: northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: Šipovo, village Pljeva
Characteristics: mountain river, 25 m wide, 1-3 m deep

The river with extraordinary color, purity and diversity of underwater world species, is surely one of the most beautiful fly fishing rivers in Europe. Pliva's spring is in village Pljeva, 6 km upstream from Šipovo. Some of the most beautiful fly fishing in the country is along a 5 km portion of the river which runs from this spring to the center of the small town of Šipovo. The river together with the entire Pliva Region makes special and untouched natural beauty and represents a diamond of the world's natural inheritance that will take your breath away.

The river Pliva is very rich in Pliva's native grayling that reaches 60 cm in length. Although you can easily see a school of graylings, catching a grayling often tires even experienced fisherman because Pliva's clear water and plentiful nutrition allow the fish to grow extremely strong. For that reason, fly fisherman from around the world covet Pliva's graylings as significant trophies. The wild nature of these fish in addition to the extra thin leader (0.10 - 0.12) required to catch them could lead to a lengthy fight lasting more than an hour. However, your patience and efforts will be rewarded. Our experienced team recommends Pliva to all fly fishermen ready for a challenge and a noble duel with Pliva's grayling. Let us be immodest and claim that fly fishing fans highly respect the river Pliva because they find it a challenge for proved masters of magic called fly fishing.