River Una

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Location: northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: Srb, Croatia
Characteristics: mountain river, 25-30 m wide, 1-4 m deep

The River Una is a mountain river with plentiful rapids, cascades and waterfalls. Una got its name during the golden age of the Roman Empire. As the story goes, when the first Romans saw the river they called it UNA - meaning THE ONLY ONE. It really is one of the pearls of the world.

At the upper river flow between Martin Brod and Kulen Vakuf in western part of B&H, there is a special fly fishing area rich in brown trout and grayling. Every single fish caught is an experience in and of itself because all the species in this area are native and absolutely wild, without being too large. The river offers the best conditions for fly fishing using dry flies, nymphs and streamers.