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North-West Bosnia

Day 1

Arrival in Banja Luka in the early morning. City sightseing ( ceter and Maria Stern Monastery ). Lunch. Accommodation in the hotel. Vrbas River rafting. Dinner, overnight.

Banja Luka is known as the beauty of Krajina, the city of youth, culture, sports and ancient tree lines. Pride of the city is the fortress Kastel, a place along the bank of Vrbas, where everything has started centuries ago. Throughout the historical periods, it was the backbone of urban development, witness to batlles and trade, and today it seems to be inevitable place in the city. Vrbas is blush green river, whose uniqueness is a fantastic canyon at the entrance to the city. It offers numerous adventurous activities: canyoning, hiking, mount biking, paragliding, diving, hydrospeed, canoe, climbing.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel.
Drive to Jajce ( visiting Krupa Na Vrbasu ), city sightseing. Lunch. Bike ride from Jajce to Pliva River springs, accommodation in Pljeva village ( Pension Radoja ). Dinner.

Krupa na Vrbasu is located app. 25 km south from Banja Luka, between two canyons of the Vrbas River. The sights that should not be missed are the springs, the cascades and water mills on the Krupa River, Strika’s cave, St. Elija’s Church and Krupa Monastery, medieval towns of Greben and Zvečaj and the wooden church built in 18th century.
On the banks of rivers Pliva and Vrbas, raises up one of the most beautiful towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which used to be a royal town, and nowdays it is the open-air museum, the town Jajce. In the heart of the town, resulting from the river Pliva flowing into the Vrbas river, down the tufa rock, appear a magnificent, 21 meters high waterfall.

Day 3

Breakfast. Bike ride Pljeva village – Pecka village – Sana River springs. Lunch. Bus drive Pecka village – Drvar ( Tito’s cave ) – Martin Brod – Čardaklije. Dinner and accommodation in Čardaklije ethno village.

Drvar is famous for a partisan victory over an elite unit of German paratroopers. Tito and his brave partisans were hiding out in a cave (now called Tito Cave). Martin Brod, in the opinion of many, is the most beautiful and the most picturesque villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Water is Martin Brod been the source of life. The population lived of water and its energy. From the tourist attractions in Martin Brod are the most important river Una and Unac, waterfalls and Rmanj monastery. Martin Brod is now located in the National Park Una.

Day 4

Breakfast. Drive via Prijedor ( visiting Ključ fortress ) to Kozarska Dubica ( visiting Knežica ethno village ). Accommodation in Zepter Hotel, sightseing. Dinner, overnight.

Ključ fortress was built on high cliffs on the left bank of Sana River, dominating the surroundings. It is first mentioned in 1322, and in 1463 last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević was captured there. This meant the end of medievil Bosnian kingdom, which was conquered by Ottoman Empire.

Day 5

Breakfast. Bike ride ( mountain bikes )to Kozara Mountain ( visiting Moštanica monastery ). Lunch on Mrakovica. Bus drive to Brod. Accommodation, dinner, overnight.

Moštanica Monastery is one of the most beautifull orthodox monasteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in the slopes of Kozara Mountain, only 12 km from Kozarska Dubica. Legend has it that the Monastery Moštanica originated in 11th century. Positioned on the border of two great empires, the monastery has experienced severe destiny because nine times burnt down and destroyed, but nine times and rebuilt.

Day 6

Breakfast. End of programm.

Price includes:
  • 5 nights Full board as per program ( Banja Luka, Pension Radoja – Sipovo, Cardaklije, Kozarska Dubica, Brod );
  • all transfers as per program by van/ mini bus;
  • professional guide for Banja Luka, Jajce, Krupa Na Vrbasu, Kljuc fortress, Knezica, Mostanica monastery;
  • rafting gear and professional skiper for Vrbas River rafting;
  • rental bikes and bike guide for rutes Jajce – Sipovo, Sipovo – Sana River Springs, Kozarska Dubica – Mrakovica;
  • VAT 17%.

Price does not includes:
  • Personal expenses.

Radoja Apartments

– offers his services from 2007. We are located in Pljeva village, Sipovo municipality, close to Pliva River and its three beautifull springs.we are on 450 meters above sea level and only 7 km from closest city. Staying in our apartments you can enjoy peace and quiet, and inspiration from pristine nature. It is possible to have some activities of rural tourism and walking along rivers Pliva and Janj.

Association of Tourist Guides of Republic of Srpska

provides a superb guiding service in several languages. In addition to our regular sightseeing tours we can create tours around specific themes to broaden your horizons, expand your understanding of Bosnia and Herzegovina complex past involving so many different communities and introduce you to completely new and very often exciting stories. Do you want to find out about why Austria-Hungarian Empire had such a mixed welcome in Bosnia? Or how and where former Yugoslavia was put together? Ever seen 450 year old smith shop? We can help you find it all out. Hey, we even know where to find women still tattooing themselves ( instead of putting jewelry on ), just as many did back in prehistoric, Illyrian times! Please get in touch and we will be glad to offer you an exciting cultural exploration trip.


is one brand and one quality label working with different service providers and communities to connect them with international tour operators and individual tourists. It presents a focal point for tailored-made outdoor travelling to what must be one of the most unexplored, yet most beautiful, countries in Europe. We have joint the local knowledge, expertise and contacts to become the best facilitator for travellers and tour operators looking to explore, enjoy and understand this enigmatic part of the world. With over 10 years research into different destinations and their possibilities we are excited to share our findings with you.


diving club “Buk” is founded in Banja Luka in 1977. By few enthusiasts and ex divers of Yugoslav Army. Hundreds of trained divers, many medals from regional, state and international competitions, dozens of successful rescues, have put “Buk” in elite scuba diving clubs in former Yugoslavia. It’s organization, licensed instructors and facilities, “Buk” was promoted in 2004 only certified dive center (CMAS) in Bosnia % Herzegovina - CDC BiH/O01. Club’s activities are: training of divers (CMAS and IANTD standards), dive camps, dive professionally, sport and competitive training, lifeguard training, rafting.