Rafting on Vrbas River

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Rafting on Vrbas River, on same track used for World Rafting Championship in 2009. Special atraction is night rafting, unique in this part of world.

There are 4 routes on Vrbas River, which is considered one of the best rafting waters in Europe:

1. Zvečaj - Rafting centar u Karanovcu ,5 km - 1,5 h
2.Bijeli potok - Rafting centar u Karanovcu, 9 km - 2,5 h
3.Kamp Krupa na Vrbasu - Rafting centar u Karanovcu, 15 km - 3 h
4.Bijeli buk - Rafting centar u Karanovcu, 21 km - 3,5 h

Route will be recomended by organisers, depending on water levels.
Price is the same for every route.

      1. Bijeli potok - Rafting centar u Karanovcu 9 km - 230 h
      2. Kamp Krupa na Vrbasu - Rafting centar u Karanovcu 15 km - 300 h
      3. Bijeli buk - Rafting centar u Karanovcu 21 km - 330 h

Price includes:
transfer from rafting center to start of the route;
equipment for rafting;
licensed guide;
changing room, wardrobe and showers;
safe for valuables;
diploma of litle rafter, for kids up to 14 years old;


For night rafting group has to pay additional 60,00 Euros total for lights Minimum number of people for rafting is 6. In case that there is less people in group, they will be added to another group.